ClayMotion Holiday Workshop: Pencil Holders and Key Rings


Children will create a pencil holder using the coiling method of construction. A key ring will also be created using the pinching/rolling methods. They will be decorated with coloured slip (liquid clay) and may be personalised. The children will also design a Fathers Day gift tag to accompany the pencil holder and key ring.

The pencil holder when fired and ready to pick up will be filled with fair trade chocolate and the gift tag will be tied on with jute. The key ring will be finished with a key ring finding.

These pencils and key rings are a great Fathers Day gift for dads, grandpas, uncles and family friends.

This is a fun activity designed to stimulate the children’s imagination, and aid dexterity and fine motor skills..

Parents will be contacted when the gifts are fired and ready to pick up.

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Class Schedule

Duration: 2 Hours

What you will learn
  • Children will create the pencil holder by using the ‘pinching’ method.
  • A key ring will also be created using the pinching/rolling methods.
  • The children will also design a Fathers Day gift tag to accompany the pencil holder and key ring.
What you will get
  • Take home your finish project! The pencil holder is a useful object the children can use everyday while also being proud of having created it.
  • Fee includes materials and firing.

What to bring
  • Just you and your creativity!
What to wear

Casual (Warning: It might get messy!)

Appropriate for

For kids only



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ClayMotion was established by Dawn Whitehand, a practicing artist since 2000. Dawn has a PhD in visual arts, majoring in sculptural ceramics, and has exhibited widely both internationally and Australia wide.

She has written peer review and general journal articles, and has taught at University level through to local community centre level. Dawn's artworks are held in many gallery and private collections.

ClayMotion is located in Dunnstown, Ballarat, at the foot of Mt Warrenheip, and offers a beautiful and peaceful art-making environment.

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