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WeTeachMe is our vision of the future of learning: inspired and impassioned learning that is run by the people, for the people.

In 2016, WeTeachMe officially became the biggest school in Australia, one giant leap towards our fundamental goal to be the biggest school in the world. As we start on our new journey to attain our next ambition, we begin with empowering thought leaders in every corner of the world by equipping them with the right tools and knowledge that will help them spark new ideas and bringing these ideas to life.

In accordance with this purpose, we have formed a new creative program to assist us in spreading our message into the world. We launched Masters Series by WeTeachMe where we could begin sharing the gifts, knowledge, and experiences of those who have achieved the unimaginable in their life against all odds to entrepreneurs who are still in the starting line.

To achieve this aim, we invite the best and the brightest, the industry movers and shakers, the well-known and influential members of the world of entrepreneurs to share their learnings and experiences in an unwavering effort to help those who are in constant search to find the answers. From creating thriving companies to taking your business to greater heights, we have everything lined up for you where you will learn from the best of the best.

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13 February 2018 • How To Think Like An Entrepreneur

Great speakers.


12 February 2018 • How To Think Like An Entrepreneur

Fantastic speakers at the "How To Think Like An Entrepreneur" series thus far. I look forward to the next one.


12 February 2018 • How To Think Like An Entrepreneur

Highly recommended if you're a establish business or start-up. It will surprise you have easy is to learn and make you think, at same time, you will be very close to the actual guest so allows you to talk or ask! Also great networking space.

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