Startup Finance 101: How to Use Your Numbers to Tell a Compelling Story


The first rule when making a pitch: Know. Your. Numbers.

It's more than just about crunching figures. Whether it's an angel investor, venture capitalist or a motley crew of judges at a startup competition, what they want to hear is Your Story.

Your financials may be just one chapter in the epic tale that is your startup; but it spells the difference between getting an offer and getting passed over. The key is to make the story compelling.

In this course, WeTeachMe's finance manager and head honcho Martin Kemka gives you the basics on getting the right numbers and getting your numbers right.

Topics include:

  • The Fundamentals: Know your financials inside and out.
  • The Metrics: What does success look like?
  • The Hook: Get your valuation straight!
  • The Ask: What will you do with the money?
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Class Schedule

What you will learn
  • Knowing your financials inside and out
  • Getting your valuation right
  • Pinning down the Ask
What you will get
  • Meet and greet with WeTeachMe's founders
  • An evening run by our numbers expert
  • All your questions answered
  • Valuable networking opportunities

What to bring
  • Just your awesome self!
  • Business cards
  • Notepad
  • Writing materials
What to wear




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It was one afternoon when one of the Founders, Kym Huynh, called Angie Chong of The Humble Dumpling, just to have a conversation. It had been an intense start to 2017 and just shy of 3 months, Kym wanted to connect again with what brought him inspiration, joy and fulfilment - the people and companies that he works with.

For him that day, inspiration came in the form of Angie Chong. By some wonderful stroke of serendipity, Angie shared an inspiring excerpt from the book “The Last Chinese Chef” by Liang Wei. For Kym, the words were both beautiful and moving, and created a fundamental and tectonic shift. These words would later lay the foundation for the launch of the WeTeachMe Pop-Up School.

“Apprentices have asked me, what is the most exalted peak of cuisine? Is it the freshest ingredients, the most complex flavors? Is it the rustic, or the rare? It is none of these. The peak is neither eating nor cooking, but the giving and sharing of food. Great food should never be taken alone. What pleasure can a man take in fine cuisine unless he invites cherished friends, counts the days until the banquet, and composes an anticipatory poem for his letter of invitation?”

Angie Chong invites people into her own home to share food, so that she can pass on her heritage and knowledge. It is not only the act of sharing that is magical, but also the pleasure one can take when the bequeathed knowledge is used to leave a positive and lasting impact on cherished friends, family, and maybe - if it happens enough - our communities, and one day, the world.

And so the classes, workshops and courses, where we invite the best and most influential people in the world to present at, act as a conduit to pass on knowledge and heritage to a willing and mindfully curious audience. It’s an invitation that brings together people who believe in the the idea of sparking an eagerness to learn, so that together, we can propel a tidal wave of transformation that impacts not only on our own lives, but the lives of those who surround us, and then our communities.

Hence, each booking page is more than just a place where you can register your interest. It is an anticipatory poem in the guise of an invitation. When you claim your ticket, it’s an anticipation that the learning experience is set, the classroom is ready, and that the experience will be great. And best of all, that you’re going to be sitting next to people who are just as eager about learning and curious about life as you are.

It is a surprising thing. A surprising feeling. And it appeals to the human need to learn, to share, and to experience.

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