Guitar For Beginners

What to Bring

  • A guitar, if you have one, any kind will do. (If you don’t own a guitar no problem! We will have plenty of spares.)
  • A pad and paper to take some notes

What to Wear

  • Casual

Guitar For Beginners

About This Class

Class Schedule

  • Duration: 1.5 Hours

What You Will Learn

  • Fretting notes (A selection of familiar and easy short guitar lines)
  • Setting up, ‘strumming’ and changing chords
  • How does a guitar work

What You Get

  • A basic introduction to playing the guitar in a fun and social environment.
  • You will work in small groups with 3 highly experienced teachers who will provide personalised tuition and guidance


This 1.5 hr class is all about getting started on the guitar – you will learn a handful of fun and simple songs, basic chords and useful tricks and tips to get you started.

The class is ideal for complete beginners or those with very little experience, and will cover the basics such as:

  • How does a guitar work?
  • Using a pick
  • Fretting notes (A selection of familiar and easy short guitar lines)
  • Setting up, ‘strumming’ and changing chords
  • Presentation of a small selection of easy to pick up songs – (Fretted and chord style songs)

As the class progresses you will break off into small groups where  you will work on more individual details and the teachers will be able to give one on one guidance and instructions.


Adrian Burruto, Michael Avery and Jack Palmer head the guitar side of Richmond Music Academy, a music school dedicated to helping anyone learn and play music they love.

Adrian Burruto is an active Melbourne songwriter and sound artist who has released music as a solo artist (under the moniker Yokey) and collaboratively with his band Sunk Junk. Equipped with a thorough understanding of how songwriting works and a framework to see music through, Adrian teaches his students to see music from many perspectives, increasing overall artistic appreciation and awareness. Combining these ideas with guitar skills, technique, repertoire and musical theory the result is a well-rounded student. The main objective of Adrian’s teaching style is to empower the student with tools that will allow them to express themselves through the guitar and ultimately show them fundamentally what it is to be an musician.

Michael Avery, is a graduate of Melbourne University and The Victorian College of the arts where he majored in classical guitar. He has a broad interest in music and has played in a variety of bands and groups . Creating  a great atmosphere to encourage learning and supporting students to  find an approach to the guitar which really suits them is a HUGELY rewarding part of his life.

Jack is a committed musician and composer; he has a bachelor of music majoring in jazz guitar. Over the years Jack has performed in many bands and ensembles, playing a variety of styles at venues, festivals and events around the east coast. Jack is serious about teaching not only how to play the guitar but how to approach the world of music in a creative way and engaging way. He encourages students to learn how to learn and gives space in his teaching style for individuality in development and playing. Starting off teaching kids in his street as a teen, Jack has 10 years of experience with students of all ages and skill levels. He works hard to pin point how to get the most out of each student in every situation.

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