Basket Weaving

What to Bring

  • You are welcome to bring any extra yarns or fibres to weave into your basket if you wish, otherwise, everything is supplied!
  • Two plastic shopping bags
  • Wear something light and comfortable so you can be as relaxed as possible

Basket Weaving

About This Class

What You Will Learn

  • Make your own plastic yarn
  • Start a basket
  • Change yarn

What You Get

  • All materials will be provided for you to learn the skills for making a basket – an array of colourful yarn and a chenille needle (yours to keep)
  • A Wild Fibres Workshop Pack – reference material and additional information to take home


The weaving of baskets is as old as the history of humans. Basket making is a skill and tradition found in many cultures around the world, passed down through generations. Creating with your hands is not only about the product, but also the people you meet, the stories you share and the skills you learn along the way. There’s something magical about a weaving circle that leaves you feeling calm, nourished and excited.

This sustainable coil weaving workshop for beginners will provide you with new skills to weave your own unique piece. You’ll learn how to; make your own plastic yarn, start a basket, change yarn, create the walls of a basket and finish it off. You’ll also go home with a Wild Fibres pack to help you maintain your new weaving addiction!

About Wild Fibres

I am a fibre artist from Marrickville, Sydney and the maker behind Wild Fibres. I weave baskets and jewellery using a range of fibres including hand dyed Madagascan raffia, wool, hemp string, printed textiles, rope and any other fibres I come across. I’m endlessly inspired by the incredible colours and patterns I come across in my wonderings around the neighbourhood and the wider world.

I am deeply passionate about weaving, and creating things with my hands. There’s something about stepping away from screens and technology, and taking the time out to create something unique. I find the process both therapeutic and forever inspiring.

I’m also a social worker in Waterloo, providing counselling and practical support to young people. Weaving has not only become a huge passion in my life, but also an incredible balancing tool for my job. I find weaving meditative, fulfilling and creative. I hope to share this passion and process with as many people as I can, so they too can find a creative and calming outlet in their own lives.

Find me on Instagram and Facebook @wildfibres to keep in touch and know about future workshops and markets dates. Website coming soon!

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May 2017
Basket Weaving - 13 May 2017 10:30 AM

This is an excellent introduction to basket weaving: clear and concise instructions and demonstrations by a vibrant and enthusiastic teacher (Ainsley). I definitely recommend this class to anyone interested in learning this craft.

Nov 2016
Basket Weaving - 19 Nov 2016 11:00 AM

The class was as described, the presenter was friendly, informative and very helpful. I look forward to future classes in 2017

Oct 2016
Basket Weaving - 01 Oct 2016 1:30 PM

loved this class - just the right amount of time and technique instruction to feel like you got somewhere. I've since used the skills on several other projects, and cant wait to go back fro the next class

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