WTF is Tantra? A Guide to Mindfulness & Sexuality

What to Bring

  • A sense of curiosity and possibility

WTF is Tantra? A Guide to Mindfulness & Sexuality

About This Class

What You Will Learn

  • Get an understanding of Tantra’s roots and modern Tantra
  • Experience what bringing mindfulness to intimacy feels like
  • Learn a super simple and powerful Tantra-inspired meditation you can do at home too

What You Get

  • Gain a better understanding of the principles of Tantra and learn how to increase your ability to experience (and give!) amazing pleasure.


If you’re curious about Tantra, and want a super accessible introduction with like-minded folks, this workshop’s for you.

With a mix of theory and practice, this workshop’s about demystifying Tantra and discovering what happens when we bring mindfulness to sexuality.

We’ll find out what Tantra means and I’ll share about my own experience with Tantra—why I started and what I get out of it.

We’ll also do a simple (PG-rated!) touch meditation.

Experiencing touch in a way that feels phenomenal is about deep awareness of sensation, genuine desire, and communication. We’ll explore what this means, learn some approaches, and practice them.

If you ever get all in-your-head during intimacy, or want to increase your ability to experience (and give!) amazing pleasure, this is a beautiful, expansive practice. It’s also great for upping confidence, playfulness, and spontaneity. Ooh, and self-love. Mmmm.

And yes, the practice is totally PG-rated. And casual. Fun.

This workshop is appropriate for singles, couples, and people of all orientations and genders. You’ll only do the stuff you want to do—you’re in your personal sovereignty 100% of the time. The class is fully clothed and while it relates to sexuality, it involves non-sexual interaction.

About Caitlyn Cook

Caitlyn Cook is a Tantra-inspired facilitator, writer, and coach. Her mission is to help bring mindfulness to sexuality. Caitlyn offers workshops, private sessions, and resources to bring ease, confidence and spice into your connections with yourself and others. Sign up to her newsletter for free home-play practices and follow her on Instagram and Facebook.

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Feb 2017

Informative and very well planned. An excellent class. I would recommend the class. Caitlyn expresses herself very well. Thank you.