Adam's Music Maidstone, VIC


My name is Adam. I am a musician currently teaching guitar and ukulele from my home in Maidstone.

I have had 23 years experience playing guitar and have completed a Bachelor of Music Studies from the Conservatorium of Music in Hobart, Tasmania. During my studies I was also accepted into the Golden Key international honour society(placements are only offered to those in the top 10% of university students) and was listed on the University of Tasmania Dean's Roll of excellence.

Before starting my studies at the conservatorium I studied 2 years of a Bachelor of Education specializing in early childhood. I decided that a career in classroom teaching wasn't for me, but I take the skills I learnt during my course with me into the private music teaching world.

After graduation I played in various bands and taught private guitar and piano lessons in Hobart before moving to Melbourne to further my career.

Upon arriving in Melbourne I spent 4 years teaching at a music school in Oakleigh (south-east suburb of Melbourne) and in three primary schools in the south-east suburbs. In that time I have taught a large cross-section of ages (5 years old - adulthood), skill levels, and styles. 

Since moving to Melbourne's Inner West in 2013 I have had the pleasure of teaching a variety of fantastic students and look forward to meeting even more future musicians. I am now located in Maidstone.

My Teaching Philosophy

In order to learn anything we need motivation. I want you to learn what you like. Tell me what you would like to learn, or style you would like to learn (no matter how ridiculously hard it may seem) and together we can plan a path to get you there. 

And of course, I want you to have fun! So tell me what music you're into and I'll do everything in my power to give you material that you will enjoy playing. There's no point making you learn Mozart when you like listening to current popular music!

It is also worth noting that I have completed a working with children check (card no: 01667669-01).