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Learn Spanish or Mandarin with SLAP!

Learn Spanish or Mandarin with SLAP!

About This Class

What You Will Learn

  • Learn basic Spanish or Mandarin
  • Increase your cultural awareness

What You Get

  • Quality language and cultural education brought to you by native speakers


SLAP: Second Language Acquisition Program at AIESEC Monash

  • Have you ever travelled overseas and felt that due to the language barrier you weren’t truly able to immerse yourself in the culture?
  • Have you never travelled overseas, but feel that that’s something you may like to do in the future?
  • Or, are you keen on learning Spanish or Mandarin because you simply love languages?

If you answered yes to any of the above questions, then SLAP is the program for you!

SLAP is an extracurricular second language program that aims to provide students on campus with a unique opportunity to learn either Spanish or Mandarin in a fun and interactive environment at an affordable price.Through SLAP we hope to enrich student life and increase cultural awareness, while providing a quality teaching program. The classes will be small, allowing for a large amount of direct interaction with the teachers, who are passionate about teaching their language and learning about Australian culture. Cultural events and activities will complement these language classes, producing a well-rounded cultural and educational program.

If you're interested in using SLAP as a platform to better your speaking skills so you can travel overseas in summer, check out volunteer programs with AIESEC in some of our Spanish-speaking and Mandarin-speaking country partners:

Visit the AIESEC Monash website for further information:

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