Sausage Making Master Class - West Melbourne

Next Available: 28 Oct 3:30PM
3.0 hours


Maurice Gonella, is a Piedmont local and true food artisan, with perfect Italian language skills, who grew up in Melbourne where he lives now with his family. Maurice lovingly prepares olives, makes haloumi, stuffs fresh sausages and makes pasta from scratch for his nearest and dearest with exceptional skill and care.

Maurice will demonstrate the simple joys of sausage making from scratch in a up to 2.5 hour course. You will learn the finer details of this ancient craft from, fresh herb sausages and our signature sausage the ‘Lucanica’. Enjoy a feast of our freshly made sausages with some fresh bread and a glass of wine!

*Please Note-Tthis class is a hands on learning experiance. Your involvment is up to you! We encourage you get involved as much as possible as this is the best way to learn. Looking forward to making some snags with you! Kind Regards,

the team at The Artisan's Bottega.

Please note* Cancellations and date changes will result in administrative fees.

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Duration: 2.5 Hours

What you will learn
  • Sausage making from scratch
  • Learn more tips & techniques
  • Learn the finer details of this ancient craft from spiced Italian pork and fennel sausages to the more advanced Zampone or German Weiswhurst.
What you will get
  • Expert tuition from an expert coach
  • Enjoy a feast of our freshly made sausages with some fresh bread and a glass of wine!
  • Sausages to take home!

What to bring
  • Your enthusiasm!
  • Apron
What to wear

Casual (Warning: it might get messy)

Appropriate for

Whoever wants to learn to home make new food or refine their skills


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Our many traditionalists and newbie urban winemakers and salami makers follow the calendar months and eagerly wait for seasonal and harvest periods to approach and know that The Artisan's Bottega is the place that has the BEST QUALITY PRODUCTS and EDUCATION to support their needs. 

It’s a win-win philosophy between customers and their supplier that has kept The Artisan's Bottega thriving all these years. Customers who have had a great experience from using our products usually come back for different items or referring other customers saying how our products preformed compared others they had experienced. We Offer only great products that represent the best value for price on the market. We aim to support products that are easy for our customers to use and durable to last for many years on.

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15 August 2017 • Sausage Making Master Class - West Melbourne

The course was very casual and enjoyable, we made two types of sausages from scratch. Each step was explained well with little useful tips provided as you went, so note taking was essential. Everyone had a turn at each step and we got to eat some our produce during a mid-course break. Personal hygiene was strongly emphasised with regular visits to the sinks to wash our hands between steps. At $50 per head it is good value as you even come away with three sausages each.


10 May 2017 • Sausage Making Master Class - West Melbourne

What a great way to see how simple a great banger can be made. A very enjoyable evening with my little helper capped off with a BBQ snag of our own making. A great class for father and daughter bonding we lived it and will be back for the salami making class asap


06 November 2016 • Sausage Making Master Class - West Melbourne

The class was great! We got hands on lessons in sausage making, including everything from breaking down the cuts of meat and grinding it down, to stuffing and tying up our snags. All with a glass of wine! A very enjoyable experience for anyone who has ever wanted to try making their own sausages. I'll be looking out for any other classes Artisans Bottega run in the future.