Creative Consciousness – Simplicity Itself

For all their variety and complexity, many cultural traditions focus on similar objectives and principles; often it’s the methods they develop to get there that make these cultures unique. In this session we look at the transformative values our diverse cultures share, especially those traditions which seek to achieve a profoundly lived experience of simplicity.

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Class Schedule

Duration: 1.5 Hours

What you will learn
  • Learn to distinguish and compare the core bioenergetic principles shared by multiple cultures and traditions
  • Learn to work with a stripped-back version of the chakra system - the unified heart
  • Tap into the elemental sources that truly nourish you, which are complicated and devalued in materialist culture
What you will get
  • Develop trust in their own intuition and instinct, informed by enduring traditions and contemporary research
  • Techniques to re-energise, reconnect and cleanse themselves when needed

What to bring
  • Just yourself
What to wear



Backyard Network

Vendor since 2016

Backyard Network is a synergetic enterprise. It functions by channelling the products and side effects of one activity into each of the others. For example, wood scraps and sawdust produced in carpentry are composted along with food scraps from the local community; chickens scratch and manure the scraps, producing eggs and rich, dark compost which are made available to the public and used to grow plants onsite.

The space is also a second-hand resource centre in which you can drop off things you no longer need and pick up things you do. It is also available as a community-building event venue, hosting a range of events, films and gatherings focused on generating healthy gardens and ecologies, fostering creativity, growing community, and developing your capacity to care for living things. 

We live in an abundant world. We may not necessarily be abundant in the things we need; but if we are producing lots of something in particular – a plant, healthy produce, a resource like glass or wood, we can share them around in exchange for things we do need, and everyone’s lives increase in quality as a result.

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