Introduction to Buttercream (Glen Iris, VIC)

What to Bring

  • Light refreshments will be provided (eg: coffee, tea and biscuits).
  • Apron will be required to protect your clothes

What to Wear

  • Closed shoes are a must, please do NOT wear any open shoes (e.g. thongs)

Appropriate For

  • Beginners to Intermediate Skill Level

Introduction to Buttercream (Glen Iris, VIC)

About This Class

Class Schedule

  • Class Duration: 3 hours

What You Will Learn

  • The difference between different types of buttercream
  • The correct angle for holding a piping bag and the pressure to apply the bag
  • The difference between different tips and the results they yield

What You Get

  • Take your finished cupcakes home.
  • Printed class notes so that you can re-create your cake


This class is designed for students who are unfamiliar with buttercream. This introduction to Buttercream class will teach students the basics of buttercream piping and a range of other piping techniques to finish of your masterpieces such as piping dots, lines, leaves, shell borders, plus more. Students will also learn to make buttercream swirls, rosettes and a piped rose on a cupcake. Students will be able to take their finished cupcakes home.

Added learning outcomes

-          How to colour Buttercream

-          How to fill and hold a piping bag

-          How to pipe – Dots, Stars leaves, vines, Shell borders, rosettes and basic block writing

-          How to pipe on a cupcake – Rosette, Rose and a sundae swirl finish

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Jul 2017

Learnt lots of 101 tips and loved the rose buttercream session! Thank you!

Mar 2017

The class idea was great, hands-on for such a universal skill but the execution was not great. Too many people for setup they have. No clear view of the video screen, and not quite enough time for the demonstrator to come around and help everyone for the more complex techniques. There seemed to be a few people there who knew what they were already doing already and clearly didn't need an introduction class, it was disappointing to see the demonstrator skip a couple of the more basic things such as putting on the white nozzle because a couple of people said they knew how to do it. Overall helpful but not because of the execution. Not worth the price.

Oct 2016

It was so much fun and really educational!!!