Free Demo - Russian Piping Tips Demo (Jandakot, WA)

What to Wear

  • Neat Casual

Appropriate For

  • Bake Boss VIP Members

Free Demo - Russian Piping Tips Demo (Jandakot, WA)

About This Class

Class Schedule

  • Demonstration approximately 30 minutes

What You Will Learn

  • Learn how to pipe a range of beautiful flowers with these amazing tips.


Learn how to create amazing piped flowers with these new tips.

You've probably seen these around but had no idea how they work!

Let us show you how!

See yourself here?
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Aug 2017

Enjoyed being able to actually have a go using the different types of nozzles.

Sep 2016

Excellent class demonstration by Jo. Highlight being able to try the different tips and seeing what can be done with the tips to embellish cup cakes.

Sep 2016

It’s so worthwhile to see how simple it is to achieve such nice looking product.