Boxes and Bows - Square Cake (Underwood, QLD)

What to Bring

  • Light refreshments will be provided (eg: coffee, tea and biscuits).
  • Apron will be required to protect your clothes

What to Wear

  • Closed shoes are a must, please do NOT wear any open shoes (e.g. thongs)

Appropriate For

  • Beginners to Intermediate Skill Level

Boxes and Bows - Square Cake (Underwood, QLD)

About This Class

Class Schedule

  • Class Duration: 4 hours

What You Will Learn

  • Learn how to level and prepare a square cake to get "Sharp Edges"
  • How to add pattern to fondant using a stencil
  • How to make an embossed bow decoration with gumpaste

What You Get

  • This gorgeous "gift box" themed cake
  • Printed class notes so that you can re-create your cake


This basic square class will introduce students to making clean and simple finished cakes and teach you all the skills and techniques needed to create a "gift box" themed cake finished with a beautiful bow. 

Other Learning Outcomes

-          How to mask a square cake in ganache using the ‘lid’ method and achieve a sharp finish

-          How to knead, roll out and apply fondant to a cake

-          How to use impression mats

-          Basic Airbrushing

-          How to make a 3D bow from gumpaste

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May 2017

We learnt some great little techniques and hacks of working with fondant and making clean square edges on our cake. A fun day out, super interactive and you take away a beautiful cake to feed 50 afterwards! Danielle was very approachable, has a great sense of humour and was super patient when we asked the same questions over and over. I can't wait to do more courses at Bake Boss.

May 2017

I learnt quite a few different skills that I have never known before and really enjoyed the class. Our instructor, Danielle was helpful and informative. The only negative thing I have to say is that we made the bow at the start of class but did not air brush it until the very end of class and so when it came to putting the bow on the cake, it went soft and looked awful, I was very disappointed with this as it was for my mothers day cake. I would say that the bow needs to be air brushed at the start of the class when we make it so it has time to dry. Great class, just disappointed with the bow

Feb 2017

how to use ganache, to get the sharp corners and first time using an airbrush machine. Also learnt a couple of tricks with the bow and getting the cake even all the way round. Super friendly instructor, really patient and helpful - Danielle did a great job