Golden Drippy Cake Class (North Lakes, QLD)

What to Bring

  • Light refreshments will be provided (eg: coffee, tea and biscuits).
  • Apron will be required to protect your clothes

What to Wear

  • Closed shoes are a must, please do NOT wear any open shoes (e.g. thongs)

Appropriate For

  • Beginners to Intermediate Skill Level

Golden Drippy Cake Class (North Lakes, QLD)

About This Class

Class Schedule

  • Class Length: 4 hours

What You Will Learn

  • Learn how to level and mask a round cake using buttercream
  • Learn how to make and apply chocolate sails and spheres using white chocolate
  • Learn to master the fun and hugely popular drip method of cake decoration - and achieve a golden, metallic effect

What You Get

  • the skills to be able to recreate this at home
  • your beautiful drip cake with drippy gold and fresh seasonal flowers


This class will introduce students to making tall cakes with simple structure, using buttercream to mask and decorate and how to optain the very popular drip effect on a cake. 

Other Learning Outcomes

-Learn how to mask and level a round cake in buttercream

-Learn how to add simple structure to an extended tier cake for easy and worry free support

-Learn to master the fun and hugely popular drip method of decorating cakes - and take that a step further by adding a metallic finish

-Learn how to apply fresh flowers to cakes as decoration

-Learn how to create edible decorations out of white chocolate and apply them to your cake design - chocolate sails, spheres etc

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Jun 2017

I had a fantastic time at the class and came away with lots of new ideas, tips and knowledge as well as a beautifully decorated yummy cake. Roxy the instructor was really lovely and very patient. The course pace was great with plenty of time to ask questions or seek help. I was impressed that there was no scrimping on ingredients or equipment used and that everything was provided for you to finish and take home a completed cake. I plan on doing a new course every time I have a special occasion that I need a cake for, as the cost of the course is comparable to buying a decorated cake and you get to learn how to do it yourself and you can boast to the guests that you made the cake... Win Win...

Apr 2017

Enjoyed every bit of class , learned a lot Thanx

Apr 2017

I learnt a lot about how to bake the perfect cake, make buttercream, how to buttercream a cake smoothly getting a clean finish, how to make chocolate sails and domes and how to make golden drip. The instructor was great. She certainly knew how to teach the skills required to make the cake. I would recommend this course to anyone who enjoys making cakes.

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