Golden Drippy Cake Class (Tullamarine, VIC)

What to Bring

  • Light refreshments will be provided (eg: coffee, tea and biscuits).
  • Apron will be required to protect your clothes

What to Wear

  • Closed shoes are a must, please do NOT wear any open shoes (e.g. thongs)

Appropriate For

  • Beginners to Intermediate Skill Level

Golden Drippy Cake Class (Tullamarine, VIC)

About This Class

Class Schedule

  • Class Length: 4 hours

What You Will Learn

  • Learn how to level and mask a round cake using buttercream
  • Learn how to make and apply chocolate sails and spheres using white chocolate
  • Learn to master the fun and hugely popular drip method of cake decoration - and achieve a golden, metallic effect

What You Get

  • the skills to be able to recreate this at home
  • your beautiful drip cake with drippy gold and fresh seasonal flowers


This class will introduce students to making tall cakes with simple structure, using buttercream to mask and decorate and how to optain the very popular drip effect on a cake. 

Other Learning Outcomes

-Learn how to mask and level a round cake in buttercream

-Learn how to add simple structure to an extended tier cake for easy and worry free support

-Learn to master the fun and hugely popular drip method of decorating cakes - and take that a step further by adding a metallic finish

-Learn how to apply fresh flowers to cakes as decoration

-Learn how to create edible decorations out of white chocolate and apply them to your cake design - chocolate sails, spheres etc

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Aug 2017

What a wonderful class; run professionally and I was comfortable at all times, very friendly event. As a registered nurse I am particular regarding cleanliness and I am pleased to say standards were high ( I was a bit nervous after reading a negative review).I have been creating my own cakes for many years as well as attending multiple different classes around Victoria for over 30 years. In this course I learnt many new tricks regarding buttercream covering to give your cake that specialised looking finish that I had never been taught elsewhere. I just wished I had completed this course before making my son’s wedding cake! The cake made in the class was admired eaten and enjoyed that night at my daughter's house with family and friends. I would highly recommend doing a cake course at Tullamarine bake boss and I have booked in for another course this coming week which I am looking forward to. Wendy Stewart

Jun 2017

The class started 10 minutes late and appeared unprofessional and disorganised which is not a great first impression. This class was great to learn techniques on how to achieve a smooth buttercream. It was great that the teacher also showed us common 'mistakes' that are made and how to fix them. The teacher was nice and encouraging. I look forward to using those skills this weekend!! Unfortunately the drip method was not thoroughly discussed or demonstrated, and when it was our turn to do the drip on our own cake, we all struggled and the teacher was out helping serve customers in the shop so wasn't available at the crucial time of finishing off our cakes. I've learnt how to make a chocolate sail successfully now, yet the chocolate sphere- which were specifically advertised as part of the class was not covered at all. The fresh flowers we should have been provided to decorate our cakes were not available and we had unappealing fondant flowers to use. The standard of hygiene in the kitchen was disturbing; I didn't see one clean surface, which is concerning given that this is a commercial kitchen. We were expected to clean our equipment as we went (which I am more then happy to do) but with cold water, dirty dishcloths and paper towel instead of tea towels- this made it difficult. The microwave had never been cleaned, there was cake batter and left over icing splattered up the walls and the floor was filthy. I am disappointed and had expected to see a more professional kitchen to be working in considering I had paid a decent sum to complete this course. I wouldn't recommend this course or this shop to order cakes through.

Jun 2017

I found the class really useful when learning how to mask and level buttercream cake. I was disappointed that we didn't do some of the things listed in the description.. We learned how to make chocolate sails, but didn't learn how to make chocolate spheres. We also didn't get fresh flowers as stated. I found the class a bit 'slap dash' and was generally disappointed considering the price. I am more than happy to clean up after a class, but only having warm water to wash the dishes, a dirty cloth and paper towel to dry them really bothered me. I didn't find the venue particularly clean.

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