We Love Summer in Brisbane!

Here are some must-not-miss classes in Brisbane this warm season

Creativity 4 min read Sep 28, 2019

January means a fresh a start, and yes it means that we’re also smack in the middle of the warmer months - so staying inside just isn’t an option when heaps are on offer over the summer time. Amid rising temperatures are a whole lot of cool new classes and events to take part in, so get ready to drag yourself out of the couch because here are the highlights of the best things to do and learn in Brisbane during the summertime.

Repoussé and Chasing Workshop

If ancient art is an interest of yours, you’ll want to join in on this class. Learn the ancient metal forming techniques of Repoussé, where metal is formed from behind using forming tools such as dapping punches. You’ll create a three-dimensional piece of art using techniques that allow you to create texture and definition into the metal.

When: Feb 3rd - Feb 4th
Cost: $385 (tuition + materials)
Bookings and more info: DAP Jewellery School

Pub Painting Zebra at Clock Hotel

Re-create this colourful zebra masterpiece and add your own interpretation to it, whilst sipping wine (or drinking beer, your pick), eating good food, listening to music, and socialising witha great crowd. What could be better?

When: Jan 30th
Cost: $65 (Regular), $29 (Groups)
Bookings and more info: Life with Paint

Woodworking 101

In this two-day class, you will learn how to use a range of hand and power tools, incorporating traditional and modern techniques. First, you will focus on practising hand sawing and chiseling to create range of simple timber joints. You will then create a small timber project utilising your learned techniques. Leave this class a better DIYer with massive bragging rights.

When: Feb 3rd
Cost: $465
Bookings and more info: She Skills

Brie & Sourdough Seminar

Break free from some of the struggles of ‘adulting’ when you finally learn how to make your own cheese and bread. This affordable class is not to be missed as they will be introduced to making Brie and Sourdough from scratch. You get to eat what they make too, and receive recipes you can re-create from home.

When: Feb 10th
Cost: $25
Bookings and more info: Permaculture Produce

Circus Bootcamp: Summer School

If you’re looking for a real scorcher of an activity, we think leaping off edges and swinging from trapezes fit the bill. Discover your physical potential at Vulacana Women’s Circus where you will get in shape in a specially designed circus bootcamp. Not only do you get strong and fab after three weeks, but you get circus-fit too. Win-win!

When: Jan 22nd - Feb 5th (2.0 hours x 3 weeks)
Cost: $90 (Adult), $85 (Concession)
Bookings and more info: Vulcana Women’s Circus

iPhone Photography Workshop

Discover how you can harness your iPhone to take images that portray the world exactly how you see it! This workshop provides a full explanation and tricks when it comes to what your iPhone can do. It will also show you how to compose pictures like a pro, and the benefits of subtle editing.

When: Feb 1st
Cost: $85
Bookings and more info: Colin Bushell Photography

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