Top Classes on Chocolate in Sydney

Carpe Cocoa! #SeizetheChocolate

Creativity 4 min read Sep 25, 2019

A true chocolate lover will look beyond the shop bar to indulge in the ultimate sweet experience. Yes, we’re talking about crafting your own yummy chocolate creations! Sydney has lots of classes to choose from that teaches anything from tempering chocolate through to perfecting those ganaches. Whichever you decide to pop in to, we guarantee it’ll leave you wanting to ditch your diet. And boy, will it be worth it.

Fun Friday Chocolate Workshop

Kickstart your weekend by making your very own chocolates! Enjoy a little Cocoa History 101 over 17th century hot chocolate, and then proceed to create chocolates with either one or a multitude of flavours - you choose. You also get to do lots of tastings, and then take home your chocolate treats of the day.
When: Mar 23rd, Apr 7th & 20th
Cost: $80
Bookings and more info: Kimberley Chocolates

Modelling Chocolate Present Box

Turn any chocolate into a soft, flexible chocolate that you can use to turn a plain square cake into a fabulous-looking gift box. Even a beginner at this can learn the seemingly pro technique once you gain a proper understanding of modelling chocolate.
When: Apr 21st
Cost: $275
Bookings and more info: Celebration Cooking

Brioche Chocolate Hazelnut Star

Have a try of this classic French recipe that is all over the internet these days. Learn to create fluffy brioche from scratch, swirled into a delicate star shape with a chocolate-hazelnut filling. You know, just in case you’re in need of a wow-worthy centerpiece for the dinner table.
When: Apr 7th
Cost: $220
Bookings and more info: Celebration Cooking

The Ultimate Chocolate Workshop

This is your classic chocolate making class for the aspiring home chocolatier, if there ever was one. This 4-hour workshop you teach the skills to make a range of handmade chocolates in your own kitchen - no fancy equipment required.
When: Mar 24th, Apr 21st
Cost: $150
Bookings and more info: Kimberley Chocolates

Hands On Chocolate Workshop

So much sweetness is jam-packed into this 2-hour hands-on chocolate class! Two hours will be spent making and eating sublime chocolate, + a ‘surprise’ voucher for an in-store product, and then take home everything you make! 
When: Mar 3rd, May 26th, Jun 2nd & 30th
Cost: $59
Bookings and more info: Hands On Chocolate

The class is less theory based and more hands-on which basically means you get to take home more chocolates! In this 1.5-hour workshop, you will learn about hand tempering on marble, a traditional French technique, to make a chocolate bar, moulded chocolate, and chocolate lollypops. Everyone will leave with a certificate as well as a sample bag of items made on the day. 
When: March 10th
Cost: $80
Bookings and more info: Sydney Chocolate School

Baking Chocolate Mud Cakes and Making Ganache

In this class, you’ll be baking up a storm making mud cakes from scratch, then topped with different types of luscious ganache that will be hand made by you too. The class is designed for people of all experience levels.
When: May 20th
Cost: $275 (Regular), $233.75 (15% off Bring-a-Friend)
Bookings and more info: Celebration Cooking

Shibori-Inspired Moulded Chocolates Class

Add more to your baking repertoire by learning about tempering chocolate and how to prepare it into moulds. You’ll get learn about the history of chocolate, how to hand-temper chocolate and make a variety of fillings using ganache, smoked salts, liqueurs and more.
When: May 6th
Cost: $330
Bookings and more info: Celebration Cooking

Shibori-Inspired Chocolate High Heel Class

Another popular class in the Shibori-inspired series, this artisan class will teach the art of tempering chocolate and to mould it into an edible high heel sexy shoe in Shibori style! You’ll also learn how to properly gift wrap and store your chocolates after.
When: May 19th
Cost: $330
Bookings and more info: Celebration Cooking

Sweet Vegan

Not only are vegan chocolates delicious, but they’re also antioxidant-rich and refined sugar-free! Spend 2 hours in class learning all about what makes vegan chocolate, as well as creating and indulging in sublime chocolate that will scintillate your senses!
When: May 12th
Cost: $59
Bookings and more info: Hands On Chocolate