Food, Wine, and Autumn in Melbourne

Here are Melbourne's best adventures for food and wine lovers.

Creativity 4 min read Sep 27, 2019

Come autumn time, Melbourne really is the place to be for foodies, when lots of exciting events and classes linked to the local excellences begin to happen. Aside from the unmissable Melbourne Food and Wine festival, we’ve collected the top classes in the city that are absolute must-adds to your fall agenda, filled with the best food on offer, paired with the best wines in store.

Advanced Red Wine (4 Week Course)

Time to take your tongue out for an intense tasting experience of over $2000 worth of premium wines in production today. If there was ever a monster ball of a red wine class, this is it. You will understand the process of red wine making and learn tricks to develop your palate to taste flavor nuances and subtleties.

When: April 19th
Cost: $239
Bookings & More Info: Armadale Cellars

Duck & Pinot Masterclass with Brown Brothers Wines

Duck and pinot noir are a match made in heaven, and it pays to understand why. In this hands-on gourmet cooking class, you will learn to make this beautiful combination seven different ways and gain the knowledge to recreate masterful duck dishes at home. Matched with the perfect glass of pinot, of course.

When: June 20th
Cost: $120
Bookings & More Info: Luv-a-Duck

The Melbourne Cocktail and Bar Tour

This happy hour tour will take you to the centre of Melbourne’s booming cocktail culture with in-the-know-guide and award winning cocktail expert Sebastian Raeburn. Learn about the city’s intriguing drinking history, discover some of the best tucked-away places to grab a drink, and sample delicious libations and locally produced spirits.

When: April 7th
Cost: $165
Bookings & More Info: Melbourne Food Experiences

Wine Dinners at Osteria Ilaria

There’s no better setting to learn and enjoy wine than in one of the top-rated restaurants sitting in Little Bourke Street. Osteria Ilaria is a forerunner of modern European cuisine and, on the night, their dishes will be paired with some of the best artisan wines for your palate to nitpick and appreciate.

When: March 19th
Cost: $195
Bookings & More Info: Fine Wine Appreciation

Australian Red Wines

Do you know that Australia boasts the fourth largest wine industry in the world? Australians sure are getting a taste for their thirst-quenching grape drink. In this class, there will be plenty of exciting picks for wine lovers out to explore a variety of locally produced red wines, like Cabernet, Shiraz, Grenache, and Pinot Noir. If you’ve wondered about which red wine your palate prefers, then this wine course is for you.

When: April 12th
Cost: $79
Bookings & More Info: Melbourne Wine Courses

The 97 Point Wine Course

James Halliday is Australia’s leading wine critic, and wines that go on the top of his list usually sell out quickly. The cream of the crop have been saved for this class, where you’ll be trying at least six wines from all parts of Australia - each one rated 97 points by James. If you’ve always wanted to sample the best of the best wines in Australia, then enrol in this course for 90 minutes of wine bliss.

When: May 24th
Cost: $79
Bookings & More Info: Melbourne Wine Courses

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