Learn the Art of Kumiko in Melbourne

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Creativity 3 min read Sep 25, 2019

A highly-requested class by the Melbourne Guild of Fine Woodworking is making a comeback this Winter. For anyone currently enjoying woodworking as a hobby, learning the art of Kumiko could be a serious upskill.

Isn’t this just wood panel exquisite? Kumiko, as you may have likely guessed, hails from Japan. It is a fine woodwork technique of assembling small, thinly cut wood pieces together, to create intricate patterns without the use of any nails. If you know Japanese woodwork, you’ll know that it’s popular for its precision and its ability to maintain strength without the use of any hardware or adhesive. Kumiko patterns are usually used to decorate shoji, which are sliding room partitions traditionally found in Japanese architecture.

The hands-on woodworking class will be taught by master craftsman Desmond King, who is currently based in the Gold Coast, and is one of the world’s leading experts on this Japanese woodcraft. The full day class will teach students the fundamantals of Kumiko making and how to add Kumiko to their own furniture designs. The class will provide a solid foundation for building more complex patterns in the future.

Limited spots are available. Learn more about the class details through the link below.

Learn the art of Kumiko woodworking
Melbourne Guild of Fine Woodworking

Melbourne Guild of Fine Woodworking