FREE EVENT: Make Your Kids Money Smart

Even when you've yet to have good money habits yourself

Creativity 3 min read Sep 25, 2019

Every good loving parent wants the best for their kids. And if there is one thing that’s going to reward your children well into their adulthood, it’s teaching them how to be money smart.

However, more often than not, we DON’T teach our children how to build good money habits. After all, we screwed up and did stupid things with our own money, so we don’t feel qualified to teach kids how to handle money on their own.

But all is not lost. Skilledsmart is holding a free event for parents of primary-school aged kids to talk all about money, how to introduce it to them (they don’t just come out of our pockets, kids!), and what money conversations you should be having. The event will be presented by Amy Koit, Sydney-based lawyer and accountant, and author of “Kids Money Habits”.

This is a FREE event, but RSVP is required as spots are limited. Find out more about the event in the link below.

Teach your kids to be money-smart and win at life!

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