Learn How to Roll Your Own Sushi

Try your hand at sushi making in this beginners class

Creativity 2 min read Sep 25, 2019

First of all, hats off to sushi chefs because it is not an easy thing to produce sushi that is perfectly rolled and oh-so delicious. And to be able to do it again and again in only a short amount of time? Cue applause please.

Sushi is probably on top of the list of intimidating recipes to try, but with the right instruction, practice and just a few handy tools, you can learn to make sushi on your own. I mean not having to order expensive sushi take-out is the dream, are we right?

And what better way to learn sushi making than from a renowned Japanese chef? Kyoko Seta, an accomplished Japanese cook specialising in elegant Osakan-style dishes, and principal cooking instructor over at Shikisai Cooking will have a 3-hour class this Sunday teaching students how to make popular and Japanese classics: sushi and also teriyaki chicken. It could also be the perfect Mother’s Day activity if you haven’t any plans yet.

Japanese Cooking Group Lesson: Sushi runs on Sunday, May 13th from 10.00am to 1.00pm. Learn more about the class and ticket prices via the link below.

The ultimate sushi making class is here.

Japanese Cooking Group Lesson - Sushi

Sushi Class