Creative Retreats Outside of Sydney

Who's up for a creative getaway?

Creativity 4 min read Sep 25, 2019

Looking for a creative retreat outside the city? When you’ve finally scheduled some time-off from work, consider booking into one or some of theese classes that will have you saying #weekendwellspent!

Resin ART Workshop at The Levee Art Studios

In this 3-hr workshop, make beautiful poured marble art on a 50cm round canvas with expert artist Lorna Ballantyne, whose Resin E-Course Workshop has been considered a global success. Your artwork is yours to take home but you may have to stick around for 24 more hours (before it is dry and ready for collecting) if you’re on a getaway.

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Learn To Airbrush

Airbrushing can be an overwhelming concept to try because first things first, the paint spray can be a little hard to control, right? Take the mystery and fear out of airbrushing by joining in this beginners (or advanced) class on everything airbrushing. This skill can be useful in many areas such as mural painting, cake decorating, body painting, automotive painting, and more.

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Paint the Beach Life

Any class by Life with Paint is always a must-visit no matter the place. Enjoy a night drinking wine, socialising, and painting your own rendition of the beach life on canvas. This 2-hour experience is best enjoyed with friends or family.

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Beginners Chalk Paint Class

Chalk paint is paint usually used exclusively on chalkboards, but recently it’s been more and more on trend and is finding itself slathered on furniture, walls and other items to give it that chic, chalky appearance, and also to double as a chalkboard if you see it fit! In this class, you learn to work with chalk paint to revamp old and new furniture. Perfect if you have items around the house you’ve been itching to give a do-over.

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Weekly Mixed Media & Collage Workshop

Another popular class by Levee Art Studios, where you go through the unconventional route, making unconventional art, using unconventional methods. It’s the experience that will call for your creativity and challenge you to take on a more bold and fearless approach to art making.

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