Learn the Art of Italian Pizza

When it comes to pizza making, do as the Italians do

Creativity 3 min read Sep 25, 2019

They say the Italians make the best tasting pizza in the world - it’s a tale as old as time, and a reality that’s hard to dispute. After all, it is said by many that the pizza was an invention by the Italians.

But don’t let the fact that you’re sitting halfway across the world from Italy hamper your cravings for authentic Italian pizza. As it happens, Italian pizza making is just one of the many skills you can learn at Surry Hills’ famous Bourke Street Bakery. They share their mastery of the Italian pizza preparation in their next masterclass happening on July 7th. In just two hours, you’ll learn how to turn flour into a handmade pizza bianco with with seasonal toppings, crunchy grissini bread sticks and traditional focaccia.

About Bourke Street Bakery

Bourke Street Bakery hosts an abundance of workshops on the regular, covering all things bread. Check out their WeTeachMe page for more information. 

Tickets for the Italian Bread Master Class can be purchased via the link below, with a special price offered for participants that come in pairs. All ingredients and take-home recipes are provided. The class runs on Saturday, July 7th, from 12.00nn to 2.00pm.

Make pizza the Italian way!
Bourke Street Bakery

Bourke Street Bakery