Meet Steampunk Girl

You can’t call yourself a baker if you haven’t done it steampunk style

Creativity 4 min read Sep 25, 2019

What if Charlotte Brontë and Jules Verne had a baby? We’re guessing, the kid would look a lot like the poster child for Steampunk Day.

Observed every 14th June, there’s a whole steampunk movement behind this holiday-of-sorts, which celebrates the marriage of “Victorian romanticism and modern technology”. If you’re cool enough to really get into it, there are a few ways to honour the tradition, from putting on a corset to wearing goggles to work. Or you can try and recreate Carla Puig’s Steampunk Girl.

Carla’s own homage to the movement, Steampunk Girl is made in her signature style. And it’s just one of the amazing designs that have come out of Steam Cakes - a collaboration among 62 cake artists worldwide, in honour of International Steampunk Day.

Give it a go at Bake Boss Gold Coast this August. And a final tip: Once you’re done ‘Gramming her to death, Steampunk Girl is best enjoyed with your daily fix of Girl Genius and a spot of tea (which it turns out is also a very steampunk-y thing to do).

Become a master cake artist with Carla Puig!
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