Get Your Ethiopian Coffee On

You've just found the cradle of the coffee civilisation

Creativity 3 min read Sep 25, 2019

We bet you didn’t know that coffee (particularly from the arabica plant) originates from Ethiopia and that their women have cultivated the coffee-making ritual throughout centuries.

On Saturday, 14th July 2018, the SisterWorks home in Richmond will be transformed into a tiny Abyssinia (Ethiopia in ancient times), and you’ll have the opportunity to experience an authentic kaffa ceremony. Uncover the history of the Ethiopian coffee culture and learn how to make traditional coffee using a Jebena (that’s a traditional clay pot). Genet and Beletu, two businesswomen from Ethiopia - talk about authentic! - will walk you through the entire experience whilst you enjoy the taste of rich taste and aroma of the coffee and sample some of their local cuisine.

All materials for the 1.5 hour session are provided, and you can wear whatever feels comfortable to you. This class is appropriate for anyone (18+) who loves good coffee, supporting social enterprises, empowering women, and savouring unique cultural experiences.

SisterWorks is a social enterprise business, but they are also more than that: they are a family and they strive each day to help women migrants, asylum seekers, and refugees to start and run their own micro businesses.

Experience an authentic coffee ceremony