Kids Class: Holiday Gingerbread House Making

Here's something fun to do with the kids this holiday

Creativity 2 min read Sep 25, 2019

Off of everyone’s favourite kitchen-crafty projects, making a gingerbread house probably tops the list. And kids are no exception here. Imagine the fun they could have when you let them indulge their sweet tooth, while they decorate their gingerbread house with chocolate nonpareils to make adorable roof tiles, or perhaps dust them with a blanket of sugar snow.

This is no ordinary gingerbread house workshop. Firmly cementing itself as a household name in Perth, it is fair to say that the Rochelle Adonis Cakes + Confections brand has become a treasured Western Australian icon, well known for its incredible presentation and mouth-watering delicacies. Your gingerbread house, no matter your skill level, will contain Rochelle’s beautiful technique, making it insta-worthy.

If that sounds like your idea of family fun, grab everyone for Rochelle Adonis’ next gingerbread house-making class. You and your crafty tots can piece together your own gingerbread house, and then embellish it your own way with all sorts of sweet treats. And the best part? Your kitchen will still be clean when you’re finished! All ages are welcome!