Better than Sex

How to catch a shark? The answer is always chocolate

Creativity 2 min read Nov 10, 2019

Hope you caught Shark Tank last Tuesday! We were glued to Channel 10 ourselves, rooting for Arno Backes, founder of Gânache Chocolate and one of our favourite chocolatiers. Arno moved here from Germany more than ten years ago and now employs 35 people across two shops.

The Pitch

We offer the most innovative products: macarons, patisserie, cakes. Ganache Chocolate also has a very strong wholesale arm. We offer chocolate-making classes and the best hot chocolate Melbourne has. (Editor’s note: Was that a shoutout? We think so!)

The Ask

$600,000 investment for 40 per cent of the business


Expand in Sydney and Canberra, with a $15M projected turnover in five years. (Their revenue is currently at $2.7M, with EBITDA at $333,000 year-on-year.)

So how did Arno do? As they say, the proof of the pudding - in this case, the chocolatey goodness - is in the eating. And eat the Sharks did - and they loved every bite.

RedBalloon’s Naomi Simson (already a Gânache customer, as luck would have it) couldn’t get enough; but it was Boost Juice’s Janine Allis who took the gooey bait and went all in for the chocolate that’s “nearly better than sex”. Well done, Arno!

His key takeaway from his experience in the tank: “For me, being a master chocolatier, the business part was always somewhere where I needed to improve. The chocolate quality is there, but I know I need to improve on the business side of things.” Spoken like a more-than-astute founder, we think.

You can still watch the episode here. And as a special treat, you can head over to Gânache Chocolate’s website to grab their Shark Tank special offers. Even better, book a class today and learn to make chocolate that’s so good it can catch a shark.

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