Do You Know Your Stocks & Sauces?

Find out more about the support beams for the house of culinary.

Creativity 4 min read • Sep 28, 2019

Many consider French cuisine to be the best kind in the world. And the at the heart of it, one can very quickly learn that la cuisine francaise is all about the stocks and sauces. Picture a busy kitchen at any haute cuisine restaurant in Paris: an army of station chefs working to perfect their plating. The head chef is striding through, and what does he taste first? Always the sauce. No matter how perfectly cooked and executed the other components of a dish were, it was always the sauce that mattered most.

In the culinary arts, stocks and sauces play an all-important role. They are the foundation for any great cooking — not just in France — but all across the world. A stock is essentially a rich and flavourful liquid base for soups, sauces and other dishes. They make use scrap waste, add depth and flavour, and are super easy to prepare. Meanwhile, sauces are the decadent derivative of stocks — they are made of liquid plus some kind of thickening agent, and a few other ingredients. They are concentrated in flavour, add richness, smoothness, and enhance any dish.

When you master the art of creating perfect stocks and sauces, you’re sure to offer maximum flavour (at minimum effort) with your dishes. Learn the art of making stocks and sauces this August 12th with Chef Melanie Townsend of Vanilla Zulu at their sweet new space, where you’ll be spending an intensely satisfying 5 hours to become the best saucier you can be. You’ll learn to make different kinds of stocks, then some of the mother sauces (Béchamel, Veloute, Hollandaise), smoky BBQ sauces, and even Creme Anglaise, custard to make your own ice cream!