Paint a Portrait Like an Archibald Prize Winner

Learn from Yvette Coppersmith - the best portrait artist in Australia today

Creativity 5 min read Sep 25, 2019

Every year, the Art Gallery of New South Wales review hundreds of portraits created by the best artists in Australasia and pick one that truly stands out. In 2018, the highly coveted Archibald Prize was won by our favourite portrait artist, Yvette Coppersmith - and she’s on WeTeachMe!

For the last two decades, Yvette has experimented with her art. But she always returns to the self-portrait, because she says it allows her to work from life. She styled her winning artwork after fellow portrait artist and now peer George Lambert, who received the same prize in 1927, “His style was academic, yet he supported the avant-garde in Australia and painted portraits of his artistic contemporaries Thea Proctor and Hera Roberts – both independent, self-possessed style-makers at a time of burgeoning female empowerment. In referencing George Lambert’s style, it’s like an outfit slipped on, creating a fixed image of an ever-changing self.”

Interesting fact: Yvette originally wanted to paint New Zealand PM Jacinda Ardern’s portrait but it didn’t quite happen and so, she settled on a self-portrait instead. Shortly after collecting the $100,000 prize, Yvette received a call from Jacinda who congratulated her on her phenomenal piece of art.

Yvette’s winning piece and the finalists of The Archibald Prize were displayed in an exhibition at the Gallery in September 2018. But if you missed that and you’re in Melbourne, you have the opportunity to learn straight from this incredible artist! Her first class has already sold out, but there’s still time to register for Yvette’s workshop. Don’t miss it!

Paint a Portrait Like a Winner!
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