Strand and Deliver

Because the ponytail is so last year!

Creativity 2 min read Sep 25, 2019

“Welcome to mum’s salon! What would you like done today?” That’s how Tiffany Vahland, mother of 7-year-old Ashlan, begins each morning with her daughter. She isn’t a trained hairdresser but you’d think she was, what with all the rave comments she receives on Instagram, all thanks to her creativity with her daughter’s hairbrush.

Doing your child’s hair, if you have no idea what a braid or bobby pin is, can be intimidating; but Tiffany knows how to make it easy for you. “It looks fancy, but it’s really simple. I usually start with a pony and go from there,” she said.

Tiffany is the owner, designer, and creator of Tiny Kisses by Tiffany, a modern take on vintage inspiration. They specialise in sleepwear and quilts, all handmade with love locally in Geelong, featuring fun and colourful designs that will make you smile! Currently, Tiffany sells baby quilts, sensory snuggle blankets, knitted babywear, and sleepwear for the whole family.

Although hairdressing is not Tiffany’s specialty, she wanted to take her love for doing her daughter’s hair and share it with other parents. That’s why Tiffany is now hosting this kids hair workshops for the July school holiday.

Tiffany aims to empower mums and dads to pick up the hairbrush and navigate through the confusing world of hair ties and other fun accessories. Due to popular demand - Tiffany has become a local celebrity! - more classes have been added! Sign up before these fill up, too!

For more classes for your student’s holiday this winter, click here.