Flinders Street Station Kiosks and The Five Stages of Grief

Our favourite food stops get the axe - and Twitter is not impressed

Creativity 5 min read Sep 25, 2019

Mark this date: 29 June 2018. It was the end of an era.

Sure, we may all be better off after the $100 million facelift; but today, none of that matters to the 200,000 commuters-slash-potato-cake lovers out there.

Utter. Devastation. As some of our favourite platform kiosks served their last orders of coffees, dimsum, and spring rolls, hurting kiosk patrons took to Twitter to wax nostalgic…

Quickly followed by denial and isolation…

Fits of anger…

A cry for help…

Spiralling down to depression…

And finally, the inevitable acceptance.

Allan Campion to the rescue

We felt the heavy veil of gloom all the way to Cremorne and immediately flagged the gastronomic emergency to Allan Campion, foodie extraordinaire and Melbourne insider.

Allan suggested to keep calm, put a hold on the table-flipping, and give these fantastic alternatives a go:

Gânache Chocolate

Only seven minutes away from the station, Gânache Chocolate on Collins Street is the only place to be when your sweet tooth is craving for one of their truffles. They’re simply decadent and delcious, and a hungry shark might even say nearly better than sex! Just take a look at this spread and tell us that doesn’t make you drool just a little bit.

Dukes Coffee Roasters

Dukes at Ross House, their flagship store along Flinders Lane, is just a quick stride away from the train stop. Because coffee is meant to be freshly brewed with love and then savoured while still piping hot from a proper cup. Brazilian coffees, anyone?

Green Olive

Who needs potato cakes (sniff!) when you can have freshly cooked tapas? How about we all take a breath, actually sit down to a meal, and sip some vintage wine at Green Olive at Red Hill, also along Collins. For when you’re really in a hurry, there’s always their fabulous gift shop, where you can grab the best tapenade, relishes, and marmalades this side of Melbourne. Best way to keep yourself warm this winter!

There’s more foodie joy where that came from so, yay, it’s not the end of the world, after all!


Hungry and still outraged about potato cake? Soothe your little foodie heart here.
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