Give Your Brain a Workout with Zentangle Art

This isn’t your classic art therapy

Creativity 3 min read Sep 25, 2019

You may have never heard of the Zentangle Art, and that’s totally ok! After all, the best adventures are the ones we know nothing about 😉.

Zentangle is a type of black and white drawing that involves repetitive strokes to produce a beautiful pattern. It sounds tedious, but is surprisingly relaxing as you focus and expand your imagination on paper. You’ll respond confidently to the unexpected when you normally wouldn’t, and it’s has been proven to be one of the best ways to naturally calm your nerves.

“Art should be something that liberates your soul” ~ Keith Haring . More creative Zentangle Method Art lifted from our tag feed #hearttangles (make sure to add the S at the end)! . . Artist: @rebeccasecretbox . . . Please check out the artist's gallery and leave "likes" and comments! . . ✏️Sharing your work inspires us all, regardless of your level of skill. Keep sharing because our feed #hearttangles is a huge place for inspiration! 💝 . Please Follow us @heart.tangles to be Featured! All Tangle-styled art is celebrated and welcomed! Tag us at #hearttangles. Thank you! . ALSO...Thanks for participating- without YOU we wouldn't have this community! Let others know we are here! Check out my website (link in bio) and let me know you visited! . #Zentangle #zendoodle #zentanglemethod #doodle #zenart#drawing#illustration#learnzentangle #keepdrawing #czt #abstract #art#pattern #ig_artistry #sketch #heArtTangles #zentanglersofig #tanglersofinstagram#zentangleart #zentangledaily #tangledaily #dailytangle #art_we_inspire #potpourriofartists #zentangleart #zentangledaily #doodle #artwork #penandink

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‘Zentangle’ combines the words ‘zen’ and ‘tangle’ - both words used for the lines you’ll produce while drawing. Even the name illustrates both the meditative and artistic aspects of the Zentangle method.

They say that an empty mind is a devil’s workshop, so the best means to send the devil running is to get your brain going with a Zentangle workshop. In this workshop, there are no mistakes. No matter who you are, your Certified Zentangle Teacher, Nikki, will help you find an enjoyable time while you participate in this meditative art form.