Strange Bedfellows

Quirky questions, hot chips, and cold drinks - who can say no?

Creativity 2 min read Sep 25, 2019

So, a bibliotherapist and quantum physicist walk into a bar… we’ve all heard the joke.

Hope you’re up for a mind-stretching evening, because the best of two (seemingly) unrelated disciplines are coming together for a rare smackdown. Head over to Linden New Art for the first instalment of their new series of Artist Speakeasies, aptly titled “The Strange Bedfellow”, and watch international bibliotherapist Sonya Tsakalakis and theoretical particle physicist Raymond Volkas duke it out. With words, of course. Always with words.

Each speaker is given 20 minutes to present and after that the real fun begins. The audience can ask them anything, anything at all, and both guests will have to answer! Ever wonder what hotdog is really made of? How about the existential purpose of fleas? Every question you’ve always been afraid to ask, list them down and play with us! Prizes await the quirkiest questions, and did we mention there will be beer, wine, and hot chips?

Yup, Saturday night just got more fun. And maybe literature and science aren’t such strange bedfellows after all, eh? Be there!