Learn to Bake Bread As You Should

Bake it like our ancestors did

Creativity 4 min read Sep 25, 2019

Today, people are seeking authenticity in everything. And what could be more authentic than bread, when it is made honestly, with no trickery or artifice?

It isn’t so long ago when it was a struggle to come by a “proper” loaf of bread, not unless you lived near a high-end bakery on a gentrified city street. But the increasing hunger for authentic bread has brought in a global surge in popularity of making bread the old-fashioned way. More and more people are turning their backs on commercially produced bread, and with this also comes a growing need to learn the traditional methods to make real artisan bread.

Redbeard Historic Bakery is passionate about creating artisanal bread and showing people how easy it can be made. Located just off Trentham’s high street, the popular artisan bakery is home to a 100-year-old Scotch oven, and specialises in wildferment sourdough bread, along with other wonderful baked treats.

Their comprehensive full-day workshop teaches the essential techniques, ingredients, and equipment needed to get you started and affiliated with the art of bread. Although it seems complex, artisanal breads are simple to make. Flour, salt, and water is really everything you’re dealing with. Rest assured that the right amount of practice will bring you success, and you too can achieve real bread that tastes as it should: tangy and chewy, with an inimitable crust that makes for the perfect toast!

Learn the traditional methods of baking true artisan bread

Redbeard Historic Bakery Bread Baking Workshop

RedBeard Bakery sourdough baking workshop