Learn to Bake Bread As You Should

RedBeard is baking it like their ancestors did - here's how

Creativity 4 min read Aug 14, 2021

Like most people worldwide, you probably picked bread baking as the one skill to learn during this pandemic. What could be more relaxing than the mixing-stirring-kneading mantra that goes into every perfect loaf? Ommm… mmm… sourdough.

That means you’re ready to take your baking chops to the next level and learn the traditional methods of making authentic artisan bread, yes? Well, there’s no better place to learn proper bread baking than at Redbeard Historic Bakery. There’s a reason why RedBeard loaves are so irresistible – more than 100 years of practice! Their bakers span five generations and get this, have used the same Scotch oven for over a century. Wow.

Located just off Trentham’s high street, the popular artisan shop specialises in wildferment sourdough bread, along with other wonderful baked treats. Redbeard was founded by renowned baker John Reid, who is passionate about creating artisanal bread and showing people how easy it can be made.

Their comprehensive full-day workshop teaches the essential techniques, ingredients, and equipment needed to get you started and affiliated with the art of bread. Although it seems complex, artisanal breads are simple to make. Flour, salt, and water is really everything that you need. Rest assured, the right amount of practice will bring you success!

Learn how you too can achieve real bread that tastes as it should: tangy and chewy, with an inimitable crust that makes for the perfect toast!

P.S. John was recently diagnosed with brain cancer and a good friend of the family has put up a GoFundMe fundraiser to help out. Please take a minute to learn about the campaign here.

Learn the traditional methods of baking true artisan bread
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Redbeard Historic Bakery Bread Baking Workshop

RedBeard Bakery sourdough baking workshop