Looking for Fresh Art Ideas? Look into Resin Art

Up your art game with resin

Creativity 3 min read Sep 25, 2019

Look through your Facebook or Instagram right now and you are likely to see an account of some artist or craftsman coating their work with resin. That’s because resin makes their artwork look glossy, finished, and professional. It transforms artwork and just takes it into a whole other level.

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A coat of resin instantly increases the value of an artwork because the finish creates a more expensive look. Not only that, it keeps the colours underneath it super vibrant AND it makes the whole thing waterproof too!

If creating art with resin is a first for you, you should know that it’s a very relaxing and enjoyable process. combine that with a recently very popular art technique called paint pouring, and you’ll come up with a mind-blowing masterpiece that are a result of pure improvisation and experimentation. Join Levee Art Studios and create colourful, psychedelic wall art — we promise it won’t be the last one you’ll make!

Create a psychedelic, beautiful mess with resin!

Resin ART Wall Decor

Create A Stunning Artwork in 2.5 Hours