Bye Bye Selfie Stick

Hello professional photography! Cross it off of your bucket list now

Creativity 3 min read Nov 10, 2019

If you’re anything like me, you have places you want to see and countries you want to cross off of your bucket list ✈️. Heck, I’m a small-town girl from Indiana in the States who’s living in Australia for two and a half months.

how can you not fall in love with this place? 😍😍

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When you find yourself travelling, it can be really tempting to preserve these special moments behind the screen of your phone camera or even from a selfie stick, but these fail to capture the magic of your experience.

Because that’s what I did. I caught Cozumel from my iPhone and I didn’t even get to capture Guatemala (but luckily a friend of mine did from her camera). It was then that I realized: Investing in a nice, professional-level camera is totally worth the investment. Memories are the best souvenirs - why wouldn’t I want to capture them in the best way possible? With that in mind, I purchased a Canon Rebel t6 with a few lenses to start and set on my photography journey.

I was lucky enough to have uni professors who taught me how to use my camera. With their help, I learned what this piece of equipment is capable of. I learned how to use and enhance manual mode, picked up photography tips and styles, discovered how to create multimedia videos and how to properly care for my new best friend (that’s what I call my camera 📷 because it goes everywhere with me).

I get it. Not everyone has incredible teachers who know what they’re doing. Maybe djb Photography School can be that teacher for you. Take it from someone who’s been in your shoes - buying the nice camera and learning how to use it is sooo worth it! I’ve found a new passion, and I’ve captured my favorite memories with great quality, in ways that’ll last forever.

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