The Best Classes to Take in Richmond

Find the best classes on anything and everything - from dancing and fitness workshops to craft and art lessons - all across Richmond

Creativity 8 min read Jan 17, 2020

You won’t ever get bored in Richmond - that great big melting pot of cultures. These days, there’s a class on just about anything and everything. Which is why we’ve rounded up the most popular and fun classes in the metro, so you won’t have to! Have a look at some of most noteworthy classes and workshops coming up in Richmond.

Nonna’s Comfort Food at La Cucina di Sandra

If ‘food’ is the first word that comes to mind when you think ‘Italy’, you’re not alone in this. It’s no secret that having a true Italian experience is being able to eat (and cook) Italian food. And how wonderful is it to know that you don’t even need to leave the city to do as the Romans do?

Sandra del Greco of La Cucina di Sandra invites you to her beautiful Richmond home, where you can embrace your inner Italian. Enjoy learning to make her nonna’s classic recipes using traditional ingredients you can find in your own Australian kitchen. Expect plenty of good food and wine, as well as many interesting stories told by Sandra. Learn more about how Sandra started to share her passion through Italian cooking classes.

Where: La Cucina di Sandra
When: March 21st
Cost: $90 (Regular) $80 (Bring-a-Friend Fee)

Pork and Sausage Making Butchery Class with Hagens Organic Butcher

What’s in a sausage? You’re soon to find out in this 3-hour hands-on butchery course where you’ll be taught the ins and out of organic practice. Come by for a demonstration and learn about the best cuts of pork and how to produce a properly made artisanal sausage from your own home. The class is capped off with a sumptuous feast with drinks - then you get to take home a butcher’s apron and the sausages you made, too. Yum!

Where: Hagens Organic Butcher
When: March 23rd
Cost: $220

Fantasy Girl Acrylic Portrait Painting with SisterWorks

Learn from Sri Lankan native artist Lakmini Prematunga how to create a whimsical acrylic portrait of a girl. In this painting class, you’ll get an easy introduction to using acrylic paints, as well as drawing abstract faces, so you can gain artistic confidence to explore your creativity and continue making art outside the classroom walls. The class comes with snacks and refreshments, and all materials will be provided.

Where: SisterWorks
When: March 25th
Cost: $70

Resin Art Workshop by Candu Creative

If you haven’t noticed yet, resin artworks are all the rage! Just one look at these incredible, psychedelic pieces will have you wanting to know the secret behind making those beautiful marbled effects. This 3.5 hour resin art class will teach you all the techniques you need to know to work with resin, then you’ll come home with a beautiful and unique piece of colourful art you’ll be proud to hang on your wall.

Where: Candu
When: April 5th and 8th, May 6th
Cost: $200

Resin Workshop with Candu & WeTeachMe from WeTeachMe on Vimeo.

Beginners Jewellery Workshop with Jenie Yolland

You are in for a real treat when you attend this 2-hour jewellery making class. Get your introduction to transforming brilliant, multicoloured dichroic glass into beautiful wearable art. Dichroic glass jewellery are fun and colourful pieces that are unbelievably easy and exciting to make! At the end of the workshop, you’ll have six charming designs you’ll be proud to add to your OOTDs.

Where: Appleton Street Studio
When: April 11th, June 5th
Cost: $145 (Regular) $130 (Bring-a-Friend Fee)

Intro to Terrariums Workshop at The Best School in the World

Terrariums are very easy and affordable to make and each project is like a new adventure into floristry. This 2-hour introductory workshop will teach you everything there is to know about creating your own small green world with a bunch of other new green thumbs, and just letting the good times grow! At the end of the class, you come away with a beautiful terrarium and professionally taken photographs you can share on social media.

Where: Inspire9
When: March 22nd, April 19th
Cost: $200 (Regular) $125 (Bring-a-Friend Fee)

Beginners Guide to Floristry at Victoria Whitelaw Flower School

Flowers, in our opinion, are some of the most beautiful things you can ever lay your eyes on. Transform these elegant subjects into a mesmerising arrangement by diving into the delicate art form of floristry. If you are passionate about blooms and want to learn about the basics of floral arrangement, Victoria Whitelaw Flower School’s 2-hour class in their lavish production house in Richmond will have everything you need to get started, even if you’re a novice. You will be provided with all the materials to produce a beautiful creation to take home.

Where: Victoria Whitelaw Flower School & Production House
When: March 25th and 31st
Cost: $150 (Regular) $125 (Bring-a-Friend Fee)

Mindfulness with Dr. Walsh

Mindfulness works. It works at helping you be happier and gets rid of stress. But how to do it exactly? A four-week session with Dr. Chris Walsh teaches you the concept behind mindfulness and how to experience it in different ways. You will learn to build mindful resilience and establish the practice into your everyday life. More than just a stress reduction class, this structured training of the mind will help you better your focus and enhance your decision making and creative problem solving skills.

Where: Church Street Consulting Suites
When: May 3rd
Cost: $122 (with GP referral) $200 (without GP referral)

Beginner Urban Choreography with Etienne Khoo of O2 Dance Studio

Master some of the moves of top choreographer Etienne Khoo in this hour-long session at the O2 Dance Studio. Etienne is a dancer and choreographer of 10+ years, and is known for his hard-hitting and precise urban choreography moves. Join this challenging but fun urban dance class to improve your performance skills and gain more confidence as you overcome your limits on the dance floor.

Where: O2 Dance Studio
When: March 20th and 27th
Cost: $17 (Regular) $12 (Bring-a-Friend Fee)

TaKeTiNa Rhythm Process Evening Workshop by Melbourne Piano School

If you’re not aware of what TakeTiNa is, it is a meditative, musical group process for people wanting to develop their awareness of rhythm. It involves a combination of voice and movement using the body as the primary instrument. Anyone, even those without musical experience, is welcome to partake in this fun workshop led by musician of 58 years John Anderson. This class not only deepens your understanding of rhythm; it also helps you experience a profound sense of peace and relaxation throughout the TakeTiNa process.

Where: St Stephen’s Anglican Church
When: March 28th, April 25th
Cost: $30 (Regular) $21.50 (Bring-a-Friend Fee)

Powerhouse Women In Business by WeTeachMe

More and more women are making a name for themselves in various professions. “Powerhouse Women In Business”, the first of a series of WeTeachMe professional development workshops this year, will gather five female industry leaders to share their experiences in breaking ground and blazing trails, to inspire other women who want to start their own enterprise and go after their big dreams.

Where: WeTeachMe HQ
When: March 29th
Cost: FREE

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