Bringing Up Little Master Chefs

Classes at flour eggs water will teach your child how to cook - and then some

Creativity 4 min read Sep 25, 2019

Every parent wants to prepare their kids for the future. One of the best ways to do that is to start teaching them some key life skills while they’re young. Cooking would be on top of our list.

And when you teach your kiddos the ways around the kitchen, they’re not just learning how to cook. They get a massive dose of life lessons, too, and in the most fun way possible.

Kids learn to love math

It’s almost impossible to cook without doing at least a little bit of number work: measuring cups of flour, splitting a recipe in half, and so on. These are lessons that your child won’t forget, and something they can take with them into the classroom.

Kids take care of their own mess

Parents will especially love this one! Between doing the dishes and putting away of ingredients and tidying up the kitchen floor, it becomes almost automatic to pick up after yourself. This sense of responsibility is just part of the chef’s discipline and a vital lesson for kids to learn.

Kids learn to appreciate food

After making their own dish, your kiddo will never take for granted what goes into cooking again. There’s no better form of appreciation. Buh-bye, picky eater!

Kids discover healthy eating

Last (but certainly not least), a child who cooks has a greater understanding of the role of food in health - calories, nutritional content, sugar intake. You’ll never have to explain the dangers of too much junk food again.

Enrol your budding chef now at flour eggs water for a a fun afternoon of cooking from scratch. Life lessons are just a bonus.

To the kitchen, little master chefs!
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