Brush Lettering by Moonlight Creation

Hardly anybody writes letters anymore; but everyone wants to draw them

Creativity 3 min read Sep 25, 2019

There’s just something about hand lettering. More than just good penmanship, it adds a certain beauty and whimsy to your designs, whether it be creative journaling, mindful doodling, handmade cards, or even just simple lists. Don’t you just love it when you can add flair to such an everyday thing?

It’s really easy to learn, too. Just watch this cool time-lapse video by young graphic designer Alena Tsarkova:

// 3rd JULY // Oh how I wish I was getting tan lines right now instead of dry skin lines 😂 Oh.. and the word "good" was giving me the s***s, so I changed it to GREAT instead. Sozzz ~~~~~~ Swipe left ⬅️ to see my progress video. I decided to upload it as well just to show that sometimes lettering ideas take longer to develop than anticipated. If you are new to the lettering world, never compare your journey against the final product that alot of artists upload. They too do alot of sketches first, bouncing from one idea to another until they reach the artwork they are happy with. ~~~~~~ #lettering #brushlettering #handlettering #calligraphy #typography #type #typeface #graphicdesign #daretotravel #julyletteringchallenge #letteringchallenge #letteringcommunity #sydney #moonlightcreation #pentel #artline #ecoline #procreate #ipadlettering #summer #summerdays #warmdays #tan #tanlines

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Alena started her affair with typography as a child in Russia, learning to do cursive from her own mum. From a young girl with a talent for writing neatly, she turned her love for hand lettering and calligraphy into a career with Moonlight Creation.

Spend three hours with Alena and discover just how easy it is to just pick up a brush and start lettering like a real pro. Who knows, you might even find yourself talented enough to create your own font from scratch.

Hope to see your handiwork soon on Google Fonts!