A Feast for the Senses with Farr's Pinot Noirs

Fine wines + exceptional food? Yes, please!

Creativity 3 min read Nov 19, 2020

Next week, Melbourne’s top wine educator, Fine Wine Appreciation, is hosting a collaborative dinner at one of Melbourne’s true Italian bistros; starring Philippa Farr’s single vineyard Pinot Noirs.

This is a rare and special opportunity to taste some of the best wines produced by a member of one of the great winemaking families in Australia. Philippa Farr is the winemaker behind the eponymous label, Philippa Farr (Pinot Noir), and other notable brands such as Purple Hen. She credits her professional success to being involved and having fostered a deep appreciation for wine at a young age. Although she ventured into farming in the earlier part of her career, her acquaintance with Gippsland and its red soils reignited her passion for winemaking, and she hasn’t looked back since.

The fine wines of the night will be complemented by a four-course meal by Scopri Restaurant at Carlton. Guests will have the opportunity to chat with wine experts Philippa and Matthew Hansen (owner of Fine Wine Appreciation) to learn about the background of the vineyard, the wines produced, their characteristics and nuances; and together with the spectacular assembly of entrees and wines, it will be one food and wine journey to remember.

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