Make Trippy, Liquid Art with Resin

Have you caught on the art trend that's hypnotising the internet?

Creativity 3 min read Jul 25, 2021

Liquid art is called by many names. You might have heard other terms like paint pouring, fluid art, resin art, and also flow art. All these different names tell us that “liquid art” is a type of abstract art that uses paint with a runny consistency. Different colours are usually used and combined; and when they react with each other, they can make for some visually interesting, beautiful and trippy themes.

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When it comes to uber-popular liquid art, the possibilities are as endless as they are beautiful! It’s a type of art that is fun for all ages, and one that is definitely worth exploring.

If you want to become a paint pouring artist, or you simply want to have a go at creating stunning, psychedelic art, join a resin workshop to learn all the different techniques involved here such as pouring, dripping, swirling, glazing, dipping and many more on a canvas.

Create resin art for your home’s wall or as a gift!

Discover the secrets to resin art!

Resin ART Workshop

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