Wax Carving: The Coolest Technique in Jewellery

Here's your ticket to perfecting metal jewellery

Creativity 4 min read Sep 25, 2019

We recently came across this wax carving video on Facebook, and boy, were we fascinated by the entire process. Watch it before you continue reading!

Wax carving and casting were the techniques involved there; and with these two techniques, you can nearly perfect your jewellery design before you even touch the metal. Just like in the video, you can create custom, intricate shapes — but there’s also room to remedy and polish any structural issues, if there is any. Without doubt, wax carving and casting is an easier way to create complex designs in metal and it’s a really a rewarding process, too!

Learn everything there is to know about this essential jewellery making process from Contemporary Metal, one of Perth’s leading jewellery making studios. The 2-day intermediate class will run across two weeks (2 days X 5.0 hours). Find out more about the class or book now via the link below.

Learn this modern approach to jewellery making!
Contemporary Metal

Contemporary Metal