10 Classes and Workshops Happening in Carlton

Discover all fun classes and workshops in this Melbourne suburb with a vintage vibe.

Creativity 5 min read Sep 25, 2019

For a suburb known for its vintage vibe and beautiful old townhouses, you’ll find that Carlton is brimming with character in every corner. Boasting some of the best cafes and gardens in Melbourne, as well as a rich immigrant history, you’re bound to find the next best learning experience in this charming inner city suburb.

Level 1, Beginner: Autumn Intensive Program with Centre for Italian Studies

Have you ever asked yourself if there’s a point to learning Italian? Well there’s certainly a reason behind why a lot of people are in love with ‘la bella lingua’ or why its the fourth most studied language in the world. When you learn to speak Italian, you set yourself up to learn more languages, as many Italian words are relatively common with other Romance languages such as Spanish, Portuguese and French. Another reason is you gain a deep understanding of its culture. The Italian culture that we all know and love - its food, art, music and people. Being able to speak Italian will cultivate greater understanding, love and appreciation for all these things. Of course there’s many more reasons but to to put it simply - it’s fun. ☺️

Where: Centre for Italian Studies
When: April 10th
Cost: $269

Filled Pasta Masterclass with Enoteca Sileno

Speaking of food and Italian (we love those two words together - and apart!) learn to make Italian’s ultimate comfort food in this master class by expert Italian chef Mirco Speri. of the Thirty Eight Chairs. You will learn to create filled pasta from scratch - how to knead, roll, pound dough into the perfect mound. You will then make delicious fillings to turn your pasta into more exciting forms like ravioli or tortellini. At the end of the class, everyone enjoys their pasta with a glass of wine. You also get to have a taste of Thirty Eight Chairs fine menu.

Where: Enoteca Sileno
When: May 13th
Cost: $135

Winemaker’s Dinners at Scopri by Fine Wine Appreciation

Speaking of wine 😅for years there’s been a lot of confusion around it. What’s the difference between age-worthy and drink-worthy wine, or old world and new world wine? Why do winemakers call a drink sweet when you only taste a small hint of sugar? And what about the bit that’s going around that says white wine is only for girls? Shed light on all this confusion and ultimately cultivate a love for the vino in a sit down at the Scopri. Learn about their vineyard, pair artisan wine with exquisite food and come away with a new favourite drink and an enhanced understanding of food and wine without the influence of assumptions.

Where: Scopri
When: May16th & 23rd, June 6th
Cost: $180

Pinot Noir Masterclass with Wine Tasting Events

If you don’t know the first thing about wines or cheeses, or why they are fabulous together - prepare to be wonderstruck. If you’re looking to refine your palate, this masterclass is the place to do it. You’ll have the opportunity to make truly pleasant pairings of 10 exquisite pinot noir wines with equally exceptional cheeses. Learn more more about the rustic pinot noir - when best to drink it, what food lends well to it, and what makes this grape variety distinct from the wine library.

Where: Milk the Cow
When: April 29th, June 3rd
Cost: $149

Pilates On The Run with Flow Holistic Performance Training Melbourne

Every runner should have a try at Pilates and this class will show you why. Pilates on the Run teaches how a regular practice of Pilates strengthens your core, stabilises your hips, improves your posture and flexibility, which in turn leads to better running form. Little do people know that running is not only about foot strike or cadence, its also mostly about your posture. And as Pilates improves your posture - you’ll run faster and farther as well.

Where: Dance House
When: April 29th
Cost: $55

Introduction to Spinning with Handweavers & Spinners Guild of Victoria

What would we ever do without textiles? They clothe us and they make great art pieces - and there’s something about textile that never goes out of style. If you feel the same and want to learn more about how to make this fine art, this course will introduce you to its most fundamental - spinning to produce beautiful yarn for weaving or knitting. Learn how to prepare fleece, work a spinning wheel, and spin an even and balanced yarn you can use for many projects. The course includes all initial materials needed to make magic happen!

Where: Guild Rooms
When: May 6th (4-day session for 4 hours each)
Cost: $305 (Guild Member) $345 (Non Member)

Hula Hoop Dance with Hoop Sparx

Hula Hooping - the fitness trend beloved by many, including our children - because why not? It’s affordable, fun and offers a legit full-body workout. A hula hoop routine works your abs and core, raises your heart rate, and burns more than 400 calories in an hour - which is about the same amount of calories you could burn with a 32-mile run. Need we say more? If you want to know the secret to flat tums and tight bums, get fit with a hula hoop!

Where: Dancehouse
When: April 25th, July 18th, October 10th (Multiple week courses)
Cost: $176 (8-Class Pass), $110 ((4-Class Pass), $30 (Single Class Pass), $238 (12 or All Class Pass)

Art of Tease by House of Burlesque

As we’ve said in a previous post, we live in an era of instant gratification. We want things fast and we want things now. While its a powerful frame of mind to have in order to get things done, we’ve also lost touch of one of the most important facets of relationships - the playful art of teasing. Experience a burst of confidence and have a taste of Burlesque in this 4-week course where you will learn to become more aware of your body and how it communicates. Guaranteed to make relationships and dates less boring!

Where: House of Burlesque
When: April 5th, 12th, 19th, 26th
Cost: $97 (4-Week Class Pass), $77 (Bring-a-Friend), $194 (Bring 2 Friends, 3rd Free)

Make a Hanging String Succulent Garden with My Flowerhouse

One of the biggest interior trends happening now is vertical gardening and it’s becoming more and more apparent in cities across Australia. Stay on top of this ubertrend gardening by learning to add green you didn’t know was possible. My Flowerhouse will teach you to work and play with plants, moss and clay to create a beautiful hanging succulent garden you can use to cheer up a sad room.

Where: Melbourne International Flower & Garden Show
When: March 30th & 31st, April 1st & 2nd
Cost: $29

Authentic Argentine Tango Class with Victoria Tango

Learn to perform a distinct and sensual dance that is uniquely Argentine from Argentina-born Tango dancer, Leonel of Victoria Tango. You will be introduced to the fundamentals of this raw and authentic Latin dance, such as tango walking, lead and follow communication, navigation, musicality and basic figures. Tango is a wonderful dance even at its basic structure and even more enjoyable when you learn to master it at its most complex.

Where: Robles 2 Dance Studio
When: April 3rd
Cost: $20 (Single Class), $50 (5-Class Pass)

Keen to discover more fun and unique classes in Carlton? They’re all in here.