Oh Sweet Day! Christmas Baking in Perth

Start the coffee, here come the holiday desserts

Creativity 4 min read Sep 27, 2018

You can fold it, roll it, twist it, and scroll it. With just a single batch of mixture, you’ll come away with a range of baked delights in different flavours, shapes, and sizes. A perfect time-saver in your kitchen!

Perhaps the most versatile of its kind, sweet yeast dough makes for some of the tastiest, universally loved desserts. Certainly, no Christmas party is complete without your cinnamon-based treats.

With plenty of time until the year-end celebration, Sweet Artist Academy will share every baker’s technique to make your holiday spread a certified hit. Here’s a shot of baking inspo to whet your appetite.

Ready to become a croissant savant in a single session? Just bring your appetite and passion for baking, Chef Patrick Vuaillat guarantees even beginners will find pastry making really easy to learn!

Get your Chrissy dessert recipes here!
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Sweet yeast Pastries (4 1/2 hours class)

Croissants and brioche