9 Places to Learn Something New in Surry Hills

You'll be amazed at how many fun classes there are in this classy neighbourhood.

Creativity 7 min read Sep 28, 2019

Surry Hills is home to many trendy pubs, cafes, restaurants, theatres and infinite art spaces - which makes it one of the most happening suburbs in Sydney. Surry is a great spot to gorge yourself on culture, music, art, food and learning - and here are just a few examples why!

So You Think You Can’t Draw by Art on King

Just as the class title suggests - if you think you can’t draw, think again. The classical myth that says that you must have an inborn talent to draw realistically and beautifully will be confounded in this 5-week art course. You will learn to improve the connection between your eyes and your hands, and learn to see in a new way that is quite impossible to explain in words. After all, words are the left brain’s job, and drawing and other creative pursuits are all right brained activities.

Where: Art on King
When: May 4th
Cost: $210 (Early Bird til March 31st), $230 (5-Week Course), $175 (Bring-a-Friend)

Clay Bead Making & Bohemian Style Necklace with Etelage

Big, bold and colourful statement jewellery is an enduring trend everyone can’t seem to get enough of, and polymer clay beads are a fun way to achieve this trend. You’ll love knowing that making them is incredibly easy and doesn’t cost much either! In this class, you will create your own one-of-a-kind boho accent jewellery using polymer clay beads for an instant ethnic hit in your wardrobe.

Where: Breathing Colours Gallery
When: May 3rd
Cost: $189 (2-week course), $175 (Bring-a-Friend)

Sunday Sessions - Flamenco and Spanish Dance with Flamenco Australia

The flamenco is a fiery, exciting, loud, and passionate kind of dance that it creates an incredibly distinctive mood - even in a classroom setting. This 3-hour session with Flamenco Australia will teach you routines to this exciting dance, as well as for other Spanish dances like Folk, Escuela Bolera and Castanets. This class is great for anyone wanting to learn how to perform a traditional, yet sensual and evocative dance.

Where: Sydney CBD Studio
When: April 9th & 30th, May 7th
Cost: $100 (3-hour session)

Alcohol Inks Workshop at Lakehouse Studio

Alcohol Inks are one of the newest types of art medium to hit the art scene. These striking yet luminous inks are great to work with on many types of surfaces to create bold and exciting works of abstract art. Lakehouse Studio teach you all aspects of how to work with this amazing medium and you’ll come home with original abstract artworks you’ll be proud to say are made by you.

Where: Gauge Gallery
When: April 1st
Cost: $160 (Regular), $150 (Early Bird)

Cheese Making Workshop by McIntosh & Bowman

There really is no need to tell you this workshop will be amazing because CHEESE. For anyone who’s never made cheese before or want to ante up their cheese making skills, this full day workshop will teach you to make a beautiful, gooey baked camembert using real milk. You’ll also have lunch and a cheese course, wine, afternoon tea and snacks - a perfect day basically.

Where: McIntosh & Bowman
When: April 30th
Cost: $249

Two-Week Italian Wine Course by Prince Wine Store

Wine can be a complicated and confusing subject, but it no longer has to be. With a focus on wines and traditional spirits from various Italian regions, this two-week course is set to provide you with a solid foundation for a lifetime appreciation of wine, remove any fear from choosing between the many grape varieties and ultimately crack the code to the confusing wine world.

Where: Prince Wine Store
When: June 10th
Cost: $495

Introduction to Basket Weaving by Sew Make Create

Since time immemorial, woven baskets have been everywhere. And for good reason. These colourful artisanal crafts are not only great for jazzing up a room, but they also make stylish extra storage space to any home. This class by Sew Make Create will teach you how to get started in this beautiful craft by learning about coiling techniques and different kinds of materials you can use to weave and produce a broad range of styles. At the end of it, you’ll come home with a beautiful little basket handwoven by y-o-u.

Where: Sew Make Create
When: May 20th
Cost: $100

Paper Marbling Masterclass at Work-Shop

Ever heard of ‘paper marbling’? Think beautiful marbled texture and effect on practical and portable paper. Sounds amazing, right? Marbling is a printmaking technique that allows you to capture the galaxy like pattern to marble on paper which you can use for a myriad of projects! This 2.5-hour workshop will teach you all the techniques you need to know to get started in creating your very own marbled paper. No experience necessary and all materials will be provided.

Where: Work-Shop Sydney
When: May 21st
Cost: $70

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