Pigs Fly: When Knitters Attack

They have a bomb and they’re not afraid to use it - a yarn bomb, that is

Creativity 7 min read Mar 28, 2021

If Grace Brett and her crafty ilk were to take over the city’s streets today, it would probably look a lot like this:

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We’ve all heard of knitting grandmas but this is ridiculous! Or it may just be the best thing ever.

Grace was 104 when she and her gang of guerrilla knitters went viral three years ago - “yarn stormers”, they called themselves. From benches and phone booths to gardens and playgrounds, it was as if a craft store exploded and covered the world in crochet.

Closer to home, we had Alfred Date. In his ripe old age of 109 and with 80 years of knitting experience under his belt, Alfie (who was Australia’s oldest man at the time) would make little sweaters for the Knits for Nature project - not to protect his grandkids from cold weather but to save the penguins of Phillip Island from a major oil spill. Aww.

If these knitting do-gooders warm your heart, you can thank Magda Sayeg, who is credited for starting the street art movement. Here’s her story:

So yes, yarn bombing is a thing! It even has its own holiday every June, when brave little knitters wrap public spaces in yarn - their way of making the planet a better place, one purl stitch at a time.

If you’ve got it in you to warp and weft for world peace, good news: This summer, there’s a knitting workshop that’s about to go off near you!

If you’re in Melbourne: Annette Fitton of The GLAD Rappers is teaching a class at the Handweavers and Spinners Guild of Victoria. Catch the early bird rate here.

If you’re in Sydney: Auckland-based Kurt Payne is holding a class on Armenian knitting and steeking at The Hand Weavers and Spinners Guild of NSW Inc. Grab your early bird discount here!

Is there a wild yarn bomber in you?
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