Spanish for Backpackers

Learn the language to get the best off-the-beaten-track experience of your life

Creativity 4 min read Jan 16, 2019

If you’re planning a well-deserved vacay, Lonely Planet lists Panama, Argentina, Ecuador, and Peru as some of the best places to visit this year. Right before winter in Australia is the perfect time to hit these exotic travel spots. That’s still a few months off, just enough time to prepare for your best vacation yet!

First things first, study the local customs and unspoken rules. If you can’t blend in during such a short trip, at least avoid sticking out like a sore thumb. Some quick research should teach you the basic greetings, the appropriate ways to dress, ordering food, and of course, the best intrepid experiences and other fun things to check out!

And not to mention the mouthwatering cuisine!

To immerse fully in the local culture, pick up some Español pronto! There are at least seven good reasons to learn a new language.

And the best way to learn fast? Melbourne language classes by Farolito Spanish covers all the basics and so much more. Complete their Spanish for Travellers crash course in just three days and you’ll be a regular polyglot in no time, already planning your next trip.

As a bonus, you can get $50 off your booking until 21st January 2019. Just follow these steps to use the discount code HOLA2019.

Safe travels, everyone!

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