A Cake Fit for Beyoncé

If Queen Bey were a baked good, she’d be an amber geode cake

Creativity 5 min read Nov 19, 2020

Hey, your birthday’s coming up! Care to celebrate it Beyoncé-style? If you’ve never partied with Queen Bey, been way too busy and all that, THINK BIG. Like Michelle-Obama-on-your-guest-list big, with Jay-Z and 130,000 other well-wishers singing the Happy #BeyDay song. (Yep, it’s a thing.)

For the pièce de résistance, pull out all the stops. The creators say this three-tier, black and gold geode cake took two entire days to create!

Whut! $3500? For a cake? Guess that makes perfect sense. If you’re Sasha Fierce.

Well, let out your inner Sasha and get ready to run the world because, this autumn, Bake Boss offers classes where you can learn to make your own geode cake in half the time and at just a fraction of the cost! 👸🎂🤳

New to baking? No worries. Le Doux Collage cake designer Marc Suarez will guide you through the process of creating those intricate isomalt details, the edible gold leaf, the hand-painted decor, and send you off with your very own amber geode BeyCake!

Inspired by multi-coloured mineral formations found in nature, geode cakes started to become popular in 2016, mostly in the wedding circuit. But as Beyonce’s epic party centrepiece shows, multi-tier geode designs are hot as ever and will work for any special occasion!

Because you deserve the best on your own BeyDay, Marc is running a class near you this autumn. Dates and venues below. Beginners are welcome!


Book this class Wednesday, 27th March, 9:00AM, 59 High Street, Glen Iris VIC 3146

New South Wales

Book this class (Demo only), Thursday, 11th April, 6:00PM, 897 South Road, Clarence Gardens SA 5039


Book this class, Saturday, 13th April, 9:00AM, 2/2 Business Way, Malaga WA 6090

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