Drawing Dead with Dale Bigeni

Breathe new life into your old school illustrations with digital technology

Creativity 5 min read Sep 27, 2019

Is it just us or are you seeing them, too? Skulls, skulls, everywhere we look!

On bikes…

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Death riders, Vespa spec!

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At the pub…

Even today at work!

Meet the culprit: digital illustrator Dale Bigeni.

Brandishing his trusty stylus and Wacom Intuos Pro (his current weapon of choice), the man is on a mission, to fill Sydney with his cranial artworks. No mere niche artist, Dale’s worked with the likes of Harley Davidson, Mambo, Shock Mansion, Johnny Cupcakes, Macbeth Footwear, and other top brands.

Impressed yet? If you’re keen to switch your pencil for a digital pen, get excited because, this March, you’ll learn the contemporary art of digital illustration from Dale himself! Whether you’re a beginner or an intermediate, you’ll get to create your own illustration step-by-step on a tablet. (You can bring your own or practise on Wacom tablets on loan for this session.) By the end of the two-hour class, you will have mastered the process, from design to sketching and all the way to the final destination. 💀😂

Sign up stat for this much-awaited Sydney graphic design class and learn more about Dale and his digital art, his influences, and what’s next for one of Australia’s most talented artists. (The skull work? Nothing too morbid, according to Dale, except that his dad was a big fan of horror flicks and the fascination simply rubbed off on the younger Bigeni. LOL.)

Book now, before this must-attend art class sells out! For now, we leave you with this Adobe APAC Live clip of Dale adding the finishing touches on his trademark skull art. Skip to 1:01:16 and be amazed. Warning: It’s a jawdropper!