What's Hot This Winter: Braids for Days

Meet the hairstyle that goes with absolutely everything

Creativity 5 min read Sep 25, 2019

Game of Thrones may be finito but Westeros-style braids are forever.

Braids are every girl’s best friend. A real style-saver for when you need a quick fix and your usual pony just won’t cut it. Perfect for those red-carpet moments when your open-back dress calls for an eye-catching updo. Braids simply go with everything, plus they’re not as hard to master as you might think.

Top Braiding Tips by Braidiance

Tired of your usual style? Need something dressy for a weekend getaway? Theresa Winters at Braidiance suggests a braid for every occasion.

You don’t need to go to a salon to get ready for a prom or wedding. Worn up or free-flowing, braids will look amazing at any formal event. Theresa loves doing a Waterfall or a Catelyn Stark - that’s two pieces from your temples in a rope twist, plus a large French braid tucked up.

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💠 W A T E R F A L L B E A U T Y 💠 . . This client came to me with some inspiration, but left it up to me to create something pretty and unique she could wear to a black tie event. . . . Incorporating braids in short hair has always been a challenge for me, but I say bring it on! I made two waterfall braids that met in the middle for a pull-through braid. . . . What braids would you like to see in short hair? . . . #katiedidmydo #cappricciriccisalonattheloft #braidinglife #winterparkhairstylist #braidedhair #updoinspo #braidinspo #hairinspo #braidupdo #festivalhair #hairdostylist #braidstagram #beyondtheponytail #behindthechair #licensedtocreate #modernsalon #creativehairtools #braidstyles #pullthroughbraid #waterfallbraid #hairbraidstyle #braids #braidtrends #hairoftheday #braidoftheday

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Fishtail braids, which work really well for those shirt-and-jeans days, are not as tough to do as you might think. First, pull all your hair back towards your nape and braid. Then just tie and pull gently to loosen. Of course, you can always go cute and simple with a pancaked side pony in a Dutch plait.

Styling for the office doesn’t have to be dry and boring. Try a lace braid on your forehead. It takes less than five minutes and will survive even the most grueling eight-hour day.

For the athletic type, keep the hair away from your face while you work out wearing boxer braids, or two tight French or Dutch braids. Think Kim Kardashian or Ronda Rousey.

Primping for Friday night out? Take individual sections of your hair and make tight plaits out of them in random sizes and places. Cool and effortless.

Braiding and Hair Care

Braiding is not just about styling; don’t forget to be kind to your tresses, too. Here are just some haircare suggestions from Theresa:

  • Put down the heat styling tools and pick up a hairband. That’s right; braids are magical! They can make your hair full of waves and volume, with only some styling product and air. For the biggest, bounciest waves, put in a little mousse and then, while your hair is still wet, do two French braids. Once it dries, take out the braids and put in some smoothing creme. Everyone will think you got a perm!

  • For those inevitable busy weeks, get a couple of days’ worth of hairstyles out of a single braid. In the morning, do a wet-styled French or Dutch braid, sleep in it, and take out the braids the next day. Two gorgeous looks for one!

  • Never know what to do with your unruly curls? They’re actually well-suited for braiding! Quick tip: It’s easiest to braid curly hair when it’s wet. And when your hair dries, it will stay in for days. Just use a little dry shampoo after a couple of days to keep your hair fresh.

Feel stylish yet? Stretch those fingers and get ready to twist and turn your hair into a do that’s right for you. Braidiance is at Surry Hills next month, where you can try out dozens of styles and learn more hair care tips from Theresa. Welcome to Hair Braiding 101!

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Hair Braiding 101

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